tl_files/layout/bilder/pfeile-rot.png Pure water

…is an increasingly scarce but essential resource. Its consumption grows continuously on a worldwide basis.   
Of course, our drinking water is controlled frequently. Nevertheless, the actually realized control is limited to the moment of sampling as well as to the number of substances which are actually analyzed.
At the same time threats to drinking water resources due to pollution and contaminant spreading are increasing. For a growing number of contaminants no reliable analytical detection options are available.


The SENSAGARD system is a modern early warning system for the detection of potentially harmful contaminants in a water body. The innovative SENSAGUARD system is not based on traditional physico-chemical measurement technologies. On the contrary: the analysis of the behavior of invertebrate organisms is used to gather information on water quality. Thus, unknown toxic pollutants can be revealed and an alarm can be set off. The biotoxicity measurement system can be used for various types of water use – even mobile and decentralized in water distribution systems.

Characteristics of the SENSAGUARD system:

  • Continuously  in real time mode
  • Easy to operate and to maintain
  • Adaptable to your specific needs
  • Economic in investment and operation
  • Broadband biotoxicity detection